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 Bird Wyvern Fang

Fangs similar in value to the foreign Velociprey's. Used to make Bowgun ammo. ID: 304 (0x0130)
Rarity: 4


By purchasing from Pint-sized Peddler in Loc Lac City or By trading with the Argosy Captain.


Combine with Huskberry to make Pierce S Lv1

Carve from

Jaggi, Jaggia, Baggi

Quest Rewards

Farm AidVillage ★Main12% x2
Farm AidVillage ★Sub A12% x2
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub A12% x2
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub B12% x2
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Main12% x2
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Sub B12% x2
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Sub B12% x2
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub A12% x2
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub B12% x2
Help the "Hunter"City ★Secondary12% x2
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Main12% x2
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Sub A12% x2
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Sub B12% x2
Wyvern ConservationCity ★★Sub B12% x2
Farm AidVillage ★Main20% x1
Farm AidVillage ★Sub A20% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub A20% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub B20% x1
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Main20% x1
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Sub B20% x1
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Sub B20% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub A20% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub B20% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Secondary20% x1
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Main20% x1
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Sub A20% x1
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Sub B20% x1
Wyvern ConservationCity ★★Sub B20% x1
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Main20% x1
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Sub A20% x1
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Sub A20% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub A20% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub B20% x1
Lost in BlueVillage ★★★★Main12% x1
Leader of the IcepackCity ★★Sub A12% x1
Leader of the IcepackCity ★★★★★Sub A12% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Bone Blade+3
Upgrading to Ludroth's Nail3
Upgrading to Bone Lance+2
Creating Jaggi Mail3
Creating Jaggi Vest3
Creating Jaggi Mail+12
Creating Jaggi Vest+12
Creating Jaggi Vambraces5
Creating Jaggi Guards5
Creating Jaggi Vambraces+8
Creating Jaggi Guards+8
Creating Jaggid Fire3
Creating Sniper Jewel3