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 Barroth Ridge

Part of the backplate. Less common than Barroth Shells, and therefore more valuable. ID: 300 (0x012C)
Rarity: 4


BarrothLow RankBody64.2% (29% x3)
BarrothLow RankTail30% (30% x1)
BarrothHigh RankTail20% (20% x1)
BarrothLow RankHead Armor20% (20% x1)
BarrothHigh RankHead Armor15% (15% x1)

Shiny Drops

BarrothHigh Rank12%
BarrothLow Rank5%

Capture Rewards

BarrothLow Rank32%

Quest Rewards

[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Main20% x1
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub A20% x1
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub B20% x1
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Main20% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Main16% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Sub A16% x1
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Main16% x1
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Sub A16% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Main16% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub A16% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub B16% x1
Animal AttractionsCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Carapace Sword3
Upgrading to Carapace Mace+5
Upgrading to Carapace Hammer+3
Upgrading to Rugged Lance+5
Upgrading to Assault Axe+2
Creating Barroth Mail1
Creating Barroth Vest1
Creating Barroth Mail+3
Creating Barroth Vest+3
Creating Barroth Vambraces2
Creating Barroth Guards2
Creating Barroth Faulds2
Creating Barroth Coat2
Creating ShotPlus Jewel1