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 Barroth Shell

A Barroth's shell -- more often than not covered in mud, but strong either way. ID: 299 (0x012B)
Rarity: 4


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.


BarrothLow RankBody84.3% (46% x3)


BarrothLow RankClaws35%

Capture Rewards

BarrothLow Rank6%
BarrothHigh Rank5%

Quest Rewards

Hunter KillerVillage ★★★★Main37% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Main25% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Sub A25% x1
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Main25% x1
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Sub A25% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Main25% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub A25% x1
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub B25% x1
Animal AttractionsCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Creating Giant Jawblade3
Upgrading to Hydra Knife2
Upgrading to Carapace Mace5
Upgrading to Carapace Hammer5
Creating Rhenohasta4
Upgrading to Rugged Lance5
Upgrading to Assault Axe5
Creating Barroth Helm3
Creating Barroth Cap3
Creating Barroth Helm+12
Creating Barroth Cap+12
Creating Barroth Mail3
Creating Barroth Vest3
Creating Rathian Mail+10
Creating Rathian Vest+10
Creating Barroth Vambraces2
Creating Barroth Guards2
Creating Barroth Faulds2
Creating Barroth Coat2
Creating Barroth Greaves3
Creating Barroth Leggings3
Creating Barrozooka2
Creating Stone Wall Jewel1