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 Vivid Feather

A brightly colored feather. Flimsy, but great for those who like a bit of flash. ID: 289 (0x0121)
Rarity: 4


QurupecoHigh RankBody40.7% (16% x3)
QurupecoLow RankBody24.6% (9% x3)


QurupecoHigh RankWings19%
QurupecoLow RankWings10%

Capture Rewards

QurupecoLow Rank12%

Quest Rewards

Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Main4% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub A4% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub B4% x1
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Main4% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Main4% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub A4% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub B4% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Main4% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub A4% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub B4% x1
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Main4% x1
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Sub A4% x1
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Sub B4% x1
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Main4% x1
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Sub B4% x1

Used for

Creating Bone Tomahawk3
Upgrading to Qurupeco Chopper2
Upgrading to Peco Flint2
Upgrading to Paralykeet3
Creating Qurupeco Helm+6
Creating Qurupeco Cap+6
Creating Qurupeco Mail1
Creating Qurupeco Vest1
Creating Qurupeco Mail+2
Creating Qurupeco Vest+2
Creating Qurupeco Coil+2
Creating Qurupeco Coat+2
Creating Qurupeco Greaves+6
Creating Qurupeco Leggings+6
Creating Tropeco Gun2