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 Qurupeco Scale

A sober scale concealed by vivid plumage. Village kids trade them for pocket money. ID: 287 (0x011F)
Rarity: 4


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.


QurupecoLow RankBody83.4% (45% x3)

Shiny Drops

QurupecoLow Rank24%
QurupecoHigh Rank20%

Quest Rewards

Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Main16% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub A16% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub B16% x1
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Main16% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Main16% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub A16% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub B16% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Main16% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub A16% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub B16% x1

Used for

Creating Qurupeco Helm4
Creating Qurupeco Cap4
Creating Qurupeco Mail3
Creating Qurupeco Vest3
Creating Qurupeco Vambraces3
Creating Qurupeco Guards3
Creating Qurupeco Coil4
Creating Qurupeco Coat4
Creating Qurupeco Greaves3
Creating Qurupeco Leggings3
Creating Tropeco Gun2
Creating Tropeco Gun2
Creating Defense Jewel1