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 Flame Sac

A monster organ filled with flammable powder. Handle with caution. ID: 279 (0x0117)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the No-Man's Land.


RathalosLow RankBody22.1% (8% x3)
RathianLow RankBody22.1% (8% x3)

Quest Rewards

Mating SeasonVillage ★★★★★★Main18% x2
The Death of Sky and SeaVillage ★★★★★★Main12% x2
A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Main10% x1
A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Sub A10% x1
A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Sub B10% x1
Dragon LadyVillage ★★★★Main10% x1
Dragon LadyVillage ★★★★Sub A10% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Main10% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Sub A10% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Sub B10% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Main10% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Sub A10% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Sub B10% x1
[Advanced] Double TroubleCity ★★★Main10% x1
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Main9% x1
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Sub A9% x1
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Sub B9% x1
The Wrath of RathalosVillage ★★★★★Main9% x1
The Wrath of RathalosVillage ★★★★★Sub A9% x1
[Advanced] Rathalos AlertCity ★★★Main9% x1
[Advanced] Rathalos AlertCity ★★★Sub A9% x1
[Advanced] Rathalos AlertCity ★★★Sub B9% x1
[Advanced] Double TroubleCity ★★★Secondary9% x1
We Need a HeroCity ★★★Main9% x1
We Need a HeroCity ★★★Sub A9% x1
We Need a HeroCity ★★★Sub B9% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Red Wing2
Upgrading to Ancient Blade2
Upgrading to Djinn3
Upgrading to Eternal Strife2
Upgrading to Peco Flint1
Upgrading to Breath Core Hammer2
Upgrading to Undertaker2
Creating Wyvern Blade "Fire"3
Creating Rathian Helm2
Creating Rathian Cap2
Creating Rathalos Vambraces3
Creating Rathalos Guards3
Creating Aquamatic "Needler"1