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 Rathian Webbing

Hard to forge with, but its thermal properties make it ideal for armor lining. ID: 276 (0x0114)
Rarity: 4


RathianHigh RankBody44.9% (18% x3)
RathianLow RankBody44.9% (18% x3)


RathianLow RankWings8%

Quest Rewards

A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Main18% x1
A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Sub A18% x1
A Royal RumbleVillage ★★★★Sub B18% x1
Dragon LadyVillage ★★★★Main18% x1
Dragon LadyVillage ★★★★Sub A18% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Main18% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Sub A18% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Sub B18% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Main18% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Sub A18% x1
A Royal PainCity ★★Sub B18% x1
[Advanced] Double TroubleCity ★★★Main18% x1
Ambush the AmbusherCity ★★★★Main12% x1
Ambush the AmbusherCity ★★★★Sub B12% x1
Reel In a RathianCity ★★★★Main12% x1
Double TroubleCity ★★★★★Main12% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Valkyrie Blade1
Creating Rathian Mail2
Creating Rathian Vest2
Creating Rathian Faulds2
Creating Rathian Coat2
Creating Rathian Faulds+8
Creating Rathian Coat+8
Creating Earplug Jewel2