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 Mega Fishing Fly

A fishing lure. Causes a feeding frenzy. No fish can resist this one! ID: 205 (0x00CD)
Rarity: 3


By purchasing from Captain Tool in Loc Lac City.


Combine with Bughopper to make Whetfish Bait
Combine with Yambug to make Sushifish Bait

Quest Rewards

Sunken TreasuresVillage ★Sub A12% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityVillage ★Main12% x2
The Deadliest CatchVillage ★★★Sub A12% x2
No Love for LudrothCity ★Sub A12% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityCity ★Main12% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityCity ★Sub A12% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityCity ★Sub B12% x2
Sunken TreasuresCity ★Sub A12% x2
Fine Kettle of FishCity ★★★★Secondary12% x2
Fine Kettle of FishCity ★★★★Sub B12% x2
A Ludroth Lickin'City ★★★★Sub A12% x2

Used for

Creating Fisher Jewel2