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 Rath Medulla

Recent advances allow this red hot organ to be removed, but it's hard to forge with. ID: 171 (0x00AB)
Rarity: 5


RathianHigh RankTail22% (22% x1)
RathalosHigh RankTail20% (20% x1)
RathalosHigh RankBody14.3% (5% x3)

Capture Rewards

RathalosHigh Rank10%
RathianHigh Rank9%

Quest Rewards

Double TroubleCity ★★★★★★Main12% x1
Double TroubleCity ★★★★★★Secondary12% x1
Double TroubleCity ★★★★★Secondary8% x1
[Advanced] Run Down RathalosCity ★★★★★Main8% x1
[Advanced] Run Down RathalosCity ★★★★★Sub A8% x1
[Advanced] Run Down RathalosCity ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
Run Down a RathalosCity ★★★★★Main8% x1
Run Down a RathalosCity ★★★★★Sub A8% x1
Run Down a RathalosCity ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
Rathalos ResearchCity ★★★★★Main8% x1
Rathalos ResearchCity ★★★★★Sub A8% x1
Rathalos ResearchCity ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
Lords of the Sea and SkyCity EventRewards??% x?
Red Hot Party!City EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Rathalos Flamesword3
Upgrading to Blazing Falchion2
Upgrading to Deadeye Revolver3
Upgrading to Banderlance "Byakko"2
Upgrading to Wyvern Blade "Flare"3
Creating Rathian Helm+2
Creating Rathian Cap+2
Creating Rathalos Mail+4
Creating Rathalos Vest+4
Creating Rathalos Vambraces+2
Creating Rathalos Guards+2
Creating Agnaktor Vambraces+3
Creating Agnaktor Guards+3
Creating Vangis Coil4
Creating Vangis Coat4
Creating Rathling Gun+2
Creating Swordsman Jewel1