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 Monster Bone M

A nicely-sized bone. Strong yet flexible, it's as reliable as steel and wood. ID: 154 (0x009A)
Rarity: 4


Combine with Net to make Mega Bug Net
Combine with Mega Demondrug to make Demon Horn
Combine with Mega Armorskin to make Armor Horn

Carve from

Rhenoplos (High Rank), Uroktor


QurupecoLow RankBody31.9% (12% x3)
QurupecoHigh RankBody27.1% (10% x3)


QurupecoLow RankBeak40%
QurupecoHigh RankBeak23%

Quest Rewards

Marine WarfareCity EventsSecondary23% x2
Into the Danger ZoneCity ★★★★★Secondary23% x2
[Advanced] Fearsome TwosomeCity ★★★★Secondary15% x2
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Secondary15% x2
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Secondary15% x2
Best the Lava Beasts!Village ★★★★★Main26% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★Main26% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Main26% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Main12% x2
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Sub A12% x2
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Main12% x2
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Sub A12% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Main12% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub A12% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub B12% x2
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Main12% x2
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Sub A12% x2
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Sub B12% x2
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Main12% x2
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Sub B12% x2
Secret of the Crystal BonesVillage ★★Secondary20% x1
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Secondary20% x1
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Sub A20% x1
Accident InvestigationVillage ★★★★Secondary20% x1
Secret of the Crystal BonesCity ★Secondary20% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!Village ★★★Main18% x1
Best the Lava Beasts!Village ★★★★★Sub A18% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!City ★★Main18% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★Sub A18% x1
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Sub B18% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Sub A18% x1
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Main8% x2
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub A8% x2
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub B8% x2
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Main8% x2
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Main12% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub A12% x1
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Sub B12% x1
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Main12% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Main12% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub A12% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Sub B12% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Main12% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub A12% x1
Playing with FireCity ★Sub B12% x1
The Creeping VenomVillage ★★★★Secondary8% x1
Uragaan's TrailVillage ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Secondary8% x1
The Horned DragonVillage ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
A Bard's TaleVillage ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Secondary8% x1
The Lost ExpeditionCity ★★★Secondary8% x1
Animal AttractionsCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Giant Jawblade3
Creating Bone Tomahawk4
Upgrading to Bone Tomahawk3
Upgrading to Bone Bludgeon5
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Maul4
Creating Plume Flint5
Upgrading to Rhenohasta3
Upgrading to Bone Axe+5
Creating Gobul Helm5
Creating Gobul Cap5
Creating Barroth Mail3
Creating Barroth Vest3
Creating Barroth Vambraces3
Creating Barroth Guards3
Creating Gobul Vambraces+8
Creating Gobul Guards+8
Creating Qurupeco Coil3
Creating Qurupeco Coat3
Creating Qurupeco Coil+10
Creating Qurupeco Coat+10
Creating Qurupeco Greaves3
Creating Qurupeco Leggings3
Creating Gobul Greaves5
Creating Gobul Leggings5
Creating Qurupeco Greaves+5
Creating Qurupeco Leggings+5
Creating Tropeco Gun3
Creating Tropeco Gun2
Creating Poison Stinger10
Creating Lite Eater Jewel1