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 Dragonbone Relic

A curiously unfossilized bone from a dragon that once roamed these lands. ID: 152 (0x0098)
Rarity: 5

Gather from

Area 1, 9 in Tundra (High Rank)

Used for

Upgrading to Vulcamagnon (G)7
Upgrading to Epitaph Blade5
Upgrading to Skull's Wrath (G)5
Upgrading to Divine Exodus5
Upgrading to Great Gaiarch (G)7
Upgrading to Pulsating Core5
Upgrading to Doom Crown (G)7
Upgrading to Skyscraper5
Upgrading to Soulbreaker (G)7
Creating Dober Helm4
Creating Dober Cap4
Creating Dober Mail2
Creating Dober Vest2
Creating Vangis Mail4
Creating Vangis Vest4
Creating Dober Vambraces3
Creating Dober Guards3
Creating Dober Coil2
Creating Dober Coat2
Creating Vangis Coil4
Creating Vangis Coat4
Creating Dober Greaves4
Creating Dober Leggings4
Creating Chaos Wing6
Creating Devil's Grin12
Creating Blizzard Cannon2