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 Might Seed

Temporarily raises your Attack when ingested by improving energy flow. ID: 134 (0x0086)
Rarity: 2


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.

Gather from

Area 1, 2, 9 in D.Island
Area 7 in Flooded Forest
Area 1 in Tundra
Area 1, 6, 8 in Volcano


Combine with Catalyst to make Demondrug
Combine with Immunizer to make Might Pill
Combine with Bone Husk L to make Demon S I

Dropped (Shiny) by

Altaroth (Green sac drop)

Quest Rewards

Who's the Boss?Village ★★Secondary22% x2
No Guts, No GloryVillage ★★Secondary22% x2
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Secondary22% x2
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Secondary22% x2
Harvest Tour: Sandy PlainsVillage ★★★★Secondary22% x2
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Secondary22% x2
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Secondary22% x2
No Guts, No GloryCity ★Secondary22% x2
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Secondary22% x2
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Secondary22% x2
Rhenoplos Rampage!City ★★Secondary22% x2
Harvest Tour: Sandy PlainsCity ★★Secondary22% x2
Hunter KillerVillage ★★★★Secondary20% x1