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This bug's expectorations make for a strong adhesive that can bond any materials. ID: 119 (0x0077)
Rarity: 4

Gather using bug nets from

Area 1, 2, 4, 10 in Sandy Plains

Quest Rewards

Neopteron Pest ControlCity ★★★★Sub B10% x2
The Mysterious MimicCity ★★★★Secondary20% x1
No Guts, No GloryCity ★★★★Secondary20% x1
No Guts, No GloryCity ★★★★Sub B20% x1
Harvest Tour: Sandy PlainsCity ★★★★Secondary20% x1
Deep-six a DeviljhoCity ★★★★★★Secondary20% x1
Hunter KillerVillage ★★★★Secondary16% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Secondary8% x1
No Guts, No GloryVillage ★★Secondary8% x1
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Secondary8% x1
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Secondary8% x1
Harvest Tour: Sandy PlainsVillage ★★★★Secondary8% x1
Tracking the TricksterCity ★Secondary8% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Secondary8% x1
No Guts, No GloryCity ★Secondary8% x1
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Secondary8% x1
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Secondary8% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!City ★★Secondary8% x1
Harvest Tour: Sandy PlainsCity ★★Secondary8% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Sword2
Upgrading to Bone Tomahawk3
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Mace3
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Spear2
Creating Bone Mail3
Creating Bone Vest3
Creating Alloy Mail2
Creating Alloy Vest2
Creating Bone Vambraces2
Creating Bone Guards2
Creating Alloy Vambraces2
Creating Alloy Guards2
Creating Alloy Coil1
Creating Alloy Coat1
Creating Leather Faulds+5
Creating Leather Coat+5
Creating Rhenoplos Coil+8
Creating Rhenoplos Coat+8
Creating Bone Greaves2
Creating Bone Leggings2
Creating Alloy Greaves3
Creating Alloy Leggings3
Creating Bone Greaves+5
Creating Bone Leggings+5
Creating Professor Jewel1