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A precious metal with countless uses. Gleams pure white in the light. ID: 112 (0x0070)
Rarity: 5

Mine using pick axes from

Area 4, 5 in Tundra

Quest Rewards

Leader of the IcepackCity ★★★★★Secondary23% x1
Harvest Tour: TundraCity ★★★★★Secondary23% x1
Cold StonesVillage ★★★★Main20% x1
Blood From a StoneCity ★★Main20% x1
Cold CallCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Buster Blade6
Upgrading to Chieftain's Grt Swd2
Upgrading to Shadow Saber4
Upgrading to Hypnos Knife5
Upgrading to War Mace7
Upgrading to Vodyanoy Hammer5
Upgrading to Rampart4
Upgrading to Rugged Lance8
Creating Tenebra5
Creating Rathian Helm3
Creating Rathian Cap3
Creating Hunter's Helm+3
Creating Hunter's Cap+3
Creating Steel Mail3
Creating Baggi Mail2
Creating Baggi Vest2
Creating Ingot Mail+10
Creating Ingot Vest+10
Creating Steel Vambraces5
Creating Rathian Vambraces2
Creating Rathian Guards2
Creating Steel Faulds5
Creating Baggi Coil1
Creating Baggi Coat1
Creating Rathian Faulds2
Creating Rathian Coat2
Creating Ingot Coil3
Creating Ingot Coat3
Creating Hunter's Faulds+3
Creating Hunter's Coat+3
Creating Baggi Greaves1
Creating Baggi Leggings1
Creating Ingot Greaves3
Creating Ingot Leggings3
Creating Chainmail Greaves+3
Creating Chainmail Leggings+3
Creating Alloy Greaves+5
Creating Alloy Leggings+5
Creating Baggi Greaves+12
Creating Baggi Leggings+12
Creating Pellet Jewel1