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 Ancient Shard

A fossil? No, it appears to be metal... With a little polish, it could be more. ID: 111 (0x006F)
Rarity: 6

Mine using pick axes from

Area 5, 9, 10 in Volcano (High Rank)

Quest Rewards

[Advanced] Heroes WantedCity ★★★★★Secondary13% x1
[Advanced] Bump Off BariothCity ★★★★★Secondary13% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Secondary13% x1
[Advanced] Run Down RathalosCity ★★★★★Secondary13% x1
The Brilliant DarknessCity ★★★★★★Secondary13% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Sub B3% x1
Poached Wyvern EggsCity EventRewards??% x?
Red Hot Party!City EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Creating Worn Great Sword1
Creating Worn Sword1
Creating Worn Hammer1
Creating Worn Spear1