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 Ice Crystal

Ice that will not melt at room temperature. Can be used to create denser ore. ID: 107 (0x006B)
Rarity: 2


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.

Mine using pick axes from

Area 6 in Sandy Plains
Area 1, 4, 6 in Tundra


Combine with Bitterbug to make Cool Drink
Combine with Huskberry to make Freeze S
Combine with Well-done Steak to make Chilled Meat

Used for

Upgrading to Icicle Spike10
Creating Hunter's Helm1
Creating Hunter's Cap1
Creating Alloy Helm3
Creating Alloy Cap3
Creating Baggi Helm5
Creating Baggi Cap5
Creating Ingot Mail+20
Creating Ingot Vest+20
Creating Baggi Vambraces5
Creating Baggi Guards5
Creating Baggi Vambraces+15
Creating Baggi Guards+15
Creating Hunter's Faulds1
Creating Hunter's Coat1
Creating Alloy Greaves5
Creating Alloy Leggings5