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 Pelagicite Ore

Technically not ore at all, but rather prehistoric bone. Found underwater. ID: 104 (0x0068)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the Pirate's Tomb.

Mine using pick axes from

Area 1, 3, 5, 6 in Flooded Forest
Jhen Mohran's back


Jhen MohranLow RankSpine Cracks16%

Used for

Upgrading to Buster Sword+3
Upgrading to Buster Blade5
Upgrading to Ravager Blade+10
Creating Vulcanis10
Upgrading to Assassin's Dagger5
Upgrading to Hydra Knife5
Upgrading to Azi Dahaka10
Creating Tusk Gear11
Creating Chak Chak6
Upgrading to War Hammer+5
Upgrading to War Mace8
Upgrading to Fang Hammer "Echo"10
Creating Gaiasp12
Creating Knight Lance8
Upgrading to Knight Lance6
Creating Blue Crater10
Creating Sharq Attack20
Upgrading to Blitzkrieg (B)5
Creating Rough Edge8
Creating Alloy Helm+3
Creating Alloy Cap+3
Creating Rhenoplos Mail3
Creating Rhenoplos Vest3
Creating Steel Mail4
Creating Ingot Mail2
Creating Ingot Vest2
Creating Chainmail Armor+3
Creating Chainmail Vest+3
Creating Steel Vambraces2
Creating Steel Faulds2
Creating Piscine Belt+2
Creating Piscine Tank+2
Creating Chainmail Faulds+3
Creating Chainmail Coat+3
Creating Alloy Faulds+3
Creating Alloy Coat+3
Creating Rhenoplos Greaves2
Creating Rhenoplos Leggings2
Creating Ingot Greaves+8
Creating Ingot Leggings+8
Creating Diablazooka4
Creating Aquamatic "Needler"4
Creating Thundacrus5
Creating Rathling Gun4
Creating Aquamatic "Needler"3
Creating Thundacrus2
Creating Weather Jewel+2